Dr. Hadi S. Hosseini

Technical Writer,
SCANCO Medical AG, Switzerland

“I am pleased that managing between different topics and different ditamaps in Adobe FrameMaker is now much more flexible and the chunking command works well in both DITA and HTML applications.”

Thomas M. Aldous

The Content Era, LLC

“Improved performance in PDF and HTML publishing in Adobe FrameMaker leads to faster go-to-market content.”

Bjørn Smalbro


“Review and proofreading are parts of any workflow in Adobe FrameMaker. The enhanced and slick Send for Online Review feature is great and shows that Adobe has listened to its users and put efforts into streamlining the process!”

Philippe Zingoni

Senior Technical Consultant,

“Adobe FrameMaker brings new features to many different areas of the platform. Key updates include new integrations with other processes and tools including the ability to export and import XLIFF content for exchange with all main translation editors, the enhanced MS Word import, and the redesigned HTML output with a strong impact on graphics and a focus on CSS editing.”

Jacquie Samuels

Writing Wise

“Adobe FrameMaker 11 is an essential tool in any technical communicator's arsenal. Versatile, dependable, and efficient—it is a comprehensive tool that can handle the best and worst technical content you throw at it, whether you're writing in structured content or not. From templates to tables of contents, your content will be authored faster and more dependably than any other authoring tool out there. When you combine FrameMaker with the rest of the Technical Communication Suite, the world of desktop publishing is at your fingertips.”

Jang F.M. Graat

Technical Documentation Specialist,
JANG Communication

“Adobe FrameMaker allows me to work in a modular way to handle thousand-page manuals with scores of images and cross-references, and produces high-quality PDF documents. And with structured FrameMaker and ExtendScript included out of the box, my production time has dramatically decreased. My company would not have the success it has today without FrameMaker.”

Bernard Aschwanden

Publishing Smarter

“When it comes to developing a complete publication with a unique look and feel to represent your company, Adobe FrameMaker shines. Tables, images, headers and footers, page layout, numbering, and cross-references all work across hundreds or thousands of pages. Why? Because these features are in the DNA of FrameMaker and have helped set the standard and define it. FrameMaker helped define the market for tools that help technical communicators.”

Matt Sullivan

Author of Publishing Fundamentals,
Unstructured FrameMaker 11

“Microsoft Word is great for letters and memos, but it wasn't designed for technical documents. Adobe FrameMaker features like book production, referencing, and numbering lead the industry; its ability to output to Help and mobile formats saves me and my clients lots of time and money.”

Tammy Halter

Founder and sole director,
Absolute Data Group

“For those of us that have been working with Adobe FrameMaker for many years, its consistency and robustness in production is something we can take for granted. It is a professional tool at a reasonable price for documentation specialists who need a scalable authoring and publishing solution. If you have taken MS Word as far as it can go, Adobe FrameMaker 11 is the next step for you.”

John Daigle

Owner and President,
Evergreen Online Learning, LLC.

“For large, complex documentation, the ability to automate layouts and formatting with Adobe FrameMaker is a big productivity booster for technical communications teams. And today, most organizations want to maximize the reach and usability of technical content to best serve the end user. Adobe makes this easy with the interoperability of tools to create one single source document in FrameMaker and make it accessible anytime and on a variety of mobile devices via HTML5 publishing using RoboHelp 10. This is another valuable differentiator that sets Adobe software apart from standard word processing software.”

Bernard Aschwanden

Publishing Smarter

“Adobe FrameMaker 11 is ideal for anyone who needs to manage large volumes of content that span products, audiences, or platforms, and wants to create a reuse model that is second to none. In a single product, FrameMaker works across the design, review, management, and publishing of content with tools to apply best practices of structured writing that enable organizations to benefit from a standard content model.”