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Use our savings calculator to find out how much you could save by simply switching to Adobe FrameMaker

Eliminate your MS Word cash leaks

Tech Comm expert Matt Sullivan explores the hidden costs of working with Word that most people tend to overlook.

Trying to compare Word vs FrameMaker?

Watch these videos to see how they differ and which one is best suited for technical documentation creation and publishing.

Advantages of FrameMaker over Word

Bernard Aschwanden shows how FrameMaker effortlessly addresses areas that Word struggles with, giving a powerful and efficient tool for easily creating and publishing technical content.

FrameMaker 2019 vs Word 2016: Which one to use

Technical documentation expert Ugur Akinci makes a feature-by-feature comparison of FrameMaker 2019 with Word 2016.

Why use FrameMaker in Technical Writing

Discover the main benefits of chosing FrameMaker over Word in this short video by technical documentation expert Ugur Akinci.

Experts share their opinion on Word and FrameMaker

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FrameMaker vs Word feature comparison guide

See this detailed feature comparison guide on how FrameMaker is well ahead of Word in terms of
page layouts, formatting, support for long documents and structured formatting among others.

Structure Does Matter
Functionally Flexible
Versatile at all times
As Robust As Ever

When, why and how does an enterprise need to migrate from Word to FrameMaker?

The answer often presents itself when Word struggles to meet the technical documentation needs of a growing organization.

Learn about the cost savings and productivity boost a migration to FrameMaker can provide, giving a higher return on investment.

Customer speaks

Top 10 Reasons to move from Word to FrameMaker over MS Word for Technical Documentation

“It feels reliable”, “FrameMaker has a solid feel,”, “Frame handles large documents”, “All the numbering is automatic, it is hassle free" these were the answers given by a team that recently migrated to Adobe FrameMaker, a month after using it extensively.

Migrating from Word to FrameMaker

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